Wankel Magnetic Engine

In the June 1979 issue of Popular Science an article "Magnetic 'Wankel' for Electric Cars" by David Scott appeared. The motor was allegedly invented by Takahashi, but I have not been able to find a U.S. Patent. If a U.S. patent does not exist, it is way too late to get one; if it does exist it has expired unless there have been follow-up patents.

Tom Bearden wrote about the Takahashi magnetic Wankel engine in Energy from the Vacuum (see page 367). In reference to the Popular Science article (above), Tom wrote:
"The design was lighter and smaller than a gas [gasoline] engine of similar power, and it was a pygmy when compared to other electric engines of similar power. The prototype 45-hp unit weighed 155 pounds compared to 440 pounds for a comparable electric motor. The rotary engine was compact enough to fit inside a two-foot cube. The engine was in development by Kure Tekko, a sizable firm that supplies auto parts to Toyo Kogyo, the Mazda maker."

Right on Tom Bearden's home page (Links 14 & 15 below):
Any electrical engineering department can build a successful magnetic Wankel engine, since its principles are already in electrical engineering. The motor simply eliminates its back mmf, so that it continuously accelerates and can power a load with only some switching and control input. It is also easily close-looped, to make it totally self-powering.
How many have been so built by our universities, the Department of Energy, etc.? Not one that we know of.

On Tom Bearden's website he has 16 links to articles that contain a reference to "Wankel." Here they are:
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Google got 18,500 hits for "Magnetic Wankel" in 0.19 seconds. About 60% of the links on the first three pages incorporate some of Tom Bearden's work. Here are two quotes from Googled articles:


Magnetic Wankel

Yasunori Takahashi, the famous Japanese inventor who developed the Beta VCR, has retrofitted his newly developed, super-powerful "Y-f" magnets into his 15-horsepower Magnetic Wankel motors, claiming he can gee 15 horsepower from a few amperes of electricity. If the U.S. government allows the Japanese to export these scooters to America, we will see a further trade deficit in Japan's favor.

Rumor has it, however, that the U.S. government refused entry to the Magnetic Wankel (in Mazda vehicles) several years ago...

From: ZPEnergy.com - Do we have any marketable OU Energy Systems ...
From: Tom Bearden To: 'Leslie R. Pastor' Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 5:06 PM
Subject: RE: Do we have any marketable OU Energy Systems Available Right Now?


So far as I'm aware, the only marketable overunity "energy from the vacuum" systems available are in Japan, and being withheld from the world market by the Japanese Yakuza. The Takahashi magnetic Wankel engine, e.g., is one such, and it can be built by any competent electrical engineering department. It can also be simulated by a standard good quality magnetics computer simulation model. In short, it can be designed etc. right on the computer, using the magnetics simulator, to include the characteristics of the magnets, etc. ...
Emphasis added.